REPORT: Tackling global protectionism - European views and responses

V úterý 3. prosince zorganizovalo European Police Centre společně s Institutem pro evropskou politiku EUROPEUM a think-tank platformou Think Visegrad kulatý stůl s tématem "Tackling global protectionism - European views and responses".

The meeting, held under the Chatham House rule, was attended by representatives of European Commission, Member States, business representations or various think-tank and research institutions. The debate focused on different national perspectives on how to tackle global protectionism and priorities for the EU trade agenda. 

The meeting was hosted and moderated by Mr Giovanni Grevi (Head of Europe in the World programme, European Policy Centre). The key speakers were Mr Jarolím Antal (Director, Centre for European Studies, University of Economics, Prague), Mr Konrad Popławski (Senior Fellow, Centre for Eastern Studies), Ms Elvire Fabry (Senior Researcher, Jacques Delors Institute) and Ms Maria Linder (DG Trade, European Commission).

Celý report (v angličtině) je dostupný pod PDF tlačítkem na pravé straně. 

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