Visa-free travels for Ukraine and Georgia: “Are we there yet?”

The latest contribution to the EASTERN MONITOR series by Nelly Tomčíková deals with the current issue of visa liberalization for Ukraine and Georgia.

  • The Eastern Partnership countries, Ukraine and Georgia have taken major steps towards visa liberalisation with the EU and completed both phases of the Visa Liberalisation Action Plan at the end of 2015. The EU promised to draw draft legislation in early 2016 for both countries to be granted visa-free regime. Due to the spillover political effects of the pressure the EU members faced with the refugee crisis and the sceptical approach of some EU members towards moving forward on visa liberalisation, it took almost a whole year and a succession of tedious meetings and uncertain and vague promises to finally open the negotiations on this issue at the beginning of December 2016. 

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Nelly Tomčíková
Associate Research Fellow

Expertise: Finance management, project management, EU - Russia/Eastern Partnership relations, cross-border cooperation.

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