Emerging Europe: Are Czech-EU Relations at Breaking Point?

Martin Vokálek contributed to Emerging Europe with his analysis of post-election situation in the Czech Republic with an emphasis on Czech-EU relationships.

Server Emerging Europe has published an analysis made by Martin Vokálek in which he discussed Czech politics after the parliamentary election in October 2017.  The post-election negotiations and composition of the future government will influence the Czech-EU relationships. 

Czech-EU relations will primarily be shaped by the new coalition, whose composition is as yet uncertain due to a lack of clear coalition partners for ANO (caused by animosity between Babiš and the majority of the remaining parties).

On Andrej Babiš, leader of the winning political party.

(...) His attitude is not as anti-European as sometimes claimed. After closer analysis of both his and his ANO party’s stance in Brussels, or the fact that ANO’s MPs are affiliated to the extremely pro-European ALDE group, it is clear that ANO’s membership is far more EU oriente than it appeared during the campaign.

The whole article is available here.





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