CRo Plus: Martin Michelot on the Permanent Structured Cooperation (PESCO)

Our Martin Michelot was a guest in Evropa Plus on Český rozhlase, he spoke on the topic of PESCO, the European defence project

The PESCO project is in its very beginning, however the countries believe that this defence project is the way to go.

PESCO, I think, has the capacity to provide certain building blocks for what is called 'European strategic autonomy', which means, that member states of the EU will be able to conduct certain types of operations independent on the USA - for example Crisis management operations, Stabilisation missions or Military training missions.

Full interview in Czech language is available in CRo archive[17:07-26:20]

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Martin Michelot
Senior Associate Research Fellow

Expertise: NATO and transatlantic security, European foreign policy and defense, French politics, elections and society, Visegrad Four and Central Europe, EU institutional issues

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