The migration problematic dominates in the Italian election campaign, and the 'troublemaker' Berlusconi is back.

Our Alexandr Lagazzi in cooperation with Tomáš Jungwirth published for a commentary about the upcoming parliamentary elections in Italy and its impact on migration policy.

The commentary from Alexandr Lagazzi and Tomáš Jungwirth includes mainly an analysis of the election campaign in Italy. According to the authors, migration seems to be the dominant topic – how will the political scene in Italy change after the elections?

In comparison with the Czech Republic, which faces perhaps a lack of foreign industrial workers only, Italy really has to deal with the arrival of tens of thousands of refugees and other migrants across the Mediterranean Sea.

 (...) The ruling Democratic Party under the leadership of Matteo Renzi is losing in the pre-election polls. The most powerful political subject today is the populist Five-Star Movement (M5S). His leader Beppe Grillo likes to repeat that migration is a business and that Italy no longer accepts migrants. He has even refused the EU relocation.

The whole article (in Czech) is available here

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Alexandr Lagazzi
Associate Research Fellow

Expertise: Diplomacy, EU foreign policy, Italy, China, International security, Terrorism, Behavioural Economics

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