ČT24: Europe without coal?

As a follow-up to our Prague Climate Talk debate, ČT24 published an interview with the guests of the debate.

Coal, as an energy source, will come to an end in Europe. The question is, how soon. According to the campaign Europe after coal director Kathrin Gutmann, it should happen within a couple of years. According to the district heating director, this outlook is naive and there is a danger of blackouts or dependency on gas import.

 Coal kills around 20 000 Europens, including 1300 Czech citizens annually, according to the estimates of non-profit organisation Europe after coal.

The burning of Coal is one of the biggest producer of CO2. According to activists, it is such a contributor, that it is essential to get rid of coal as soon as possible. ''it is not only for environmental and health reasons that we advocate this, but it also makes economic sense,'' says K. Gutmann.

The complete article in Czech language is available here.

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