Květy: Czexitus of our economy

Our Vladimír Bartovic commented for the weekly magazine Květy on the views of Czech people on the EU, and what negatives Czexit would bring.

Our Vladimír Bartovic for the weekly magazine Květy commented on the views of Czech people on the EU, what negatives Czexit would bring and the positions of Czech political actors on the matter.

According to our research conduceted in December of last year, of the Czech population, there are 34 percent of people who support the Czexit, while 54 percent wish to remain as memebers. 

Simply said, we would situate ourselves so, that it would be 'us against the world', a position of Daniel in a pit full of hungry economic lions. Let us not believe anyone would give us anything for free. On the contrary - accounting for the fact that due to solitude and the fact that we are not a particularly populous country, we would have a weak bargaining position.

The whole article in Czech language is available through the PDF link on the right of this page.

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