INVITATION: 30 Years of Freedom: What Future for Think-Tanks?

Institute for European Policy EUROPEUM cordially invites you to the discussion called "30 Years of Freedom: What Future for Think-Tanks?" which takes place on Thursday, January 30 2020 in Prague Creative Center.

For the past 30 years of freedom, civil society and think-tanks have been touted ascrucial stakeholders in the democratic transition process, contributing to theemergence of healthy democracies through strengthening the interplay betweencitizens and policymakers. However, in recent years certain parts of Central and Eastern Europe has seen democratic backsliding, leading to antagonism towards oroutright vilification of civil society and think-tanks.
In the midst of these developments, the challenges of tomorrow – climate change, digitalization, inequality in all its permutations, globalization, as well as Euroscepticism and dividing perceptions of the EU’s role – puts a strong onus on think-tanks, especially in Central and Eastern Europe, to re-orient and to someextent re-invent themselves along those rapid developments.
With the annual publication of the Global Go-To Think-Tank Index, it is an opportunetime to reflect on the role of think-tanks in the past 30 years, as well as looktowards the role of think-tanks in meeting the challenges of tomorrow.

The discussion takes place on Thursday, January 30 2020 from 5PM to 6.30PM in Prague Creative Center, room 219 (Staroměstské náměstí 4/1, Old Town, Praha).

The debate will be moderated by Vladimír Bartovic, director of Institute for European Policy EUROPEUM.
Confirmed speakers are:
  • David Král, Head of Foreign Policy Analysis and Planning Department, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic
  • Vlaďka Mušálková, Director of Association for International Affairs
  • Danielle Piatkiewicz, Research Fellow, Institute for European Policy EUROPEUM
  • Igor Blahušiak, Director of the European Affairs Information Department, Government of the Czech Republic
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Danielle Piatkiewicz
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Areas of expertise: Transatlantic and Central and Eastern European foreign and security relations, democracy promotion and NATO.

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