POLICY PAPER: Cross-generational Cooperation in the Workplace

In her last policy paper, Lenka Farkačová deals with the issue of development of networks of cross-generational teams of individual EU countries, which are to serve as tools to achieve the EU’s competitive advantage in the global market.

Identifying and retaining employees with high potential and developing their talents for the benefit of the individual is especially important in order to be globally competitive. However, there is a situation where there are several specialized tools for identifying and developing employees, but the size of the population from which potential employees can be recruited is shrinking.

What could help countries to deal with the issue of the current and future shortage of people in the labour markets? "The migration of workers1" is a simple answer from many employers (Confederation of Industry of the Czech Republic, 2019). Disregarding statements like this, it is appropriate to find long-term solutions, e.g. in the form of cross-generation cooperation and partnerships teams.

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