INVITATION: "Norway and the Czech Republic – Challenges on the Way to Sustainability and Decarbonization"

We would like to invite you to the debate called "Norway and the Czech Republic – Challenges on the Way to Sustainability and Decarbonization"
The debate will take place online on Thursday 11 November at 18:00.

In December 2020 the heads of the EU Member States decided that the Union will become a climate-neutral economy by the end of 2050. The states simultaneously tasked the European Commission to propose a plan that will facilitate the implementation of the new EU climate target, which subsequently happened in the form of the Fit for 55 Package – a significant step towards climate neutrality.
Even the best policy, however, is deemed to fail when not supported by the local population. Policymakers must always respect the limits of changes they can impose on the citizens so that they support the new direction and do not divert to anti-system parties. In this respect, we will introduce the initial position of Norwegians and Czechs with respect to economic transformation.
What do Norwegians and Czech think about sustainability and decarbonization? How willing are they to alter their behaviour? And which obstacles lie ahead of a sustainable and carbon-free future regarding public opinion?


  •  Torvald Tangeland, scientist, SIFO, OSLOMET
  • Nikola Hořejš, psychologist, STEM
  • Vít Havelka, research fellow, EUROPEUM Institute for European Policy

Host: Kateřina Davidová, Centre for Transport and Energy

The debate is a part of the bilateral project “Green transformation: Sustainable Consumption and European single market policies” supported by the Norway Grants in the Czech Republic.

You can watch the debate on our FB page here.

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