EUROPEUM Institute for European Policy and The Centre for European Perspective – CEP invite you to a hybrid event: DIGITAL WORLD – A BOON OR A FRONTLINE? The event will take place on Tuesday, 5 April at 10:30 in Prague Creative Centre, room 219, or online on our Facebook page.


The European security paradigm has changed dramatically with Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. After decades of relative peace, Europe is once again faced with a major armed conflict in its neighbourhood. In an instant, our perceptions of European security and a host of other areas, including digitalization, shifted. 

Digitalisation is embedded in our way of life, keeping our workplaces and social interactions going. It also plays an increasingly important role in conflicts. Its role will only grow in the coming years as European countries look towards new drivers of growth, shoring up their digital resilience and security, and trying to digitalize and transform its public services. 

This, however, further exposes countries, businesses and individuals alike to a new kind of threats – cyber and information threats. We now worry about cyberattacks and digital warfare, potentially crippling important infrastructure and services, and eroding the cohesion of our democratic societies. Information security, data security and countering disinformation campaigns will have to take a central role in such an environment. Working with allies can more effectively curb the harming efforts by those attempting to cause harm. Europe needs not to do this alone; Europe should not do this alone. 

Join our panel of experts to discuss: 

What are major threats that Europe faces in the digital sphere?
• How can Europe reap the best of digitalisation? How can it best protect itself against efforts to harm our critical infrastructure and services?
• What can citizens expect from increased digitalization of public administration and public services? How can we ensure security of public administration against attacks? How to ensure the security of peoples’ records?
• After having been a point of contention between Europe and the USA for several years, can digital regulation foster better cooperation? 

Igor Zorko, President, Slovenian Digital Coalition -, Vice President, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia
Linda Monsees, researcher, Centre for Governance of Emerging Technologies, Institute of International Relations Prague
Christian Kvorning Lassen, Deputy Director & Head of Research, EUROPEUM Institute for European Policy

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