Blog: Discrimination Is Not A Tradition: Case of Poland

Leila Institorisova wrote a blog post on "Discrimination Is Not A Tradition: The Case of Poland", where she analyses Poland's attitude towards LGBTIQ+ rights.

Poland is violating the EU's fundamental principles, including the rights of LGBTIQ+ people.
The rights of LGBTIQ+ people are far from equal to their non-LGBTIQ+ co-citizens. They are
losing their jobs, being excluded from local communities, and physically or verbally attacked
in their hometowns. Human rights have not always been respected in Poland. The European
Court of Human Rights stated that Poland violated human rights in more than one thousand
cases in 1959-2021, however, the most valid cases are since Poland became a free country.

You can read the full blog in English by clicking on the PDF button.

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