National Convention on the EU: Strategic Compass

Our Researcher Daniele Piatkiewicz and Office Manager Alexandra Ilková have produced a background paper for the roundtable of the National Convention on the EU, presenting the questions to be discussed: how will the implementation of the Strategic Compass contribute to shaping the EU's defence capabilities and how can the EU Strategic Compass and the NATO Strategic Concept make the EU a stronger and more capable guarantor of security? How will the Strategic Compass address current and emerging security threats within the strategic areas of competence? What can CZ PRES achieve in the implementation of the Strategic Compass?

"As an ambitious action plan, the Strategic Compass defines concrete steps to enhance the EU's ability to act, invest, cooperate and coordinate in the Union's security and defence policy. The Compass puts forward concrete proposals in concrete terms, such as the deployment of a joint EU Rapid Deployment Capacity (RDC), an increase in intelligence analysis capabilities, the creation of a strategic framework for a coordinated response to hybrid threats, or a commitment by Member States to increase their defence spending to reflect the collective ambition to reduce critical gaps in military and civilian capabilities. The combination of these and many other measures included in the Compass will help the EU to build more effective and coherent practices and coordinate responses in a coherent manner, allowing the EU to become a more reliable security guarantor in cooperation with the North Atlantic Alliance and other organisations."

The full document can be found under the PDF button.

#Startegic Compass

Danielle Piatkiewicz
Research Fellow

Areas of expertise: Transatlantic and Central and Eastern European foreign and security relations, democracy promotion and NATO.

Alexandra Ilková
Associate Fellow

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