CT24: Price cap on gas for electricity production may lead to gas depletion

At a joint meeting of EU ministers, possible solutions to high gas prices were discussed. Our researcher Michal Hrubý commented on the meeting for Událostí, komentáře ČT24. He warned, for example, against capping prices of gas used for electricity production, which could lead to the exhaustion of gas reserves due to low prices. On the other hand, he positively assessed the planned joint European purchases of gas, which could significantly help the Czech economy.

"The price set for the gas that is used to generate electricity puts pressure on higher consumption, as we see in Spain and Portugal. We have to be careful not to push for discounts, otherwise we might face a situation in which gas might not be available," says Michal Hrubý.

 The full commentary (in Czech) here (26:04-31:40).

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Michal Hrubý
Research Fellow

Expertise: EU green economics, heavy industry, transport

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