Invitation: EU±// Energy crisis in the European Union

We invite you to the next debate in the EU± series, this time on the topic "The energy crisis in the European Union".

Russia's invasion of Ukraine is having a major impact on Europe in many areas - one of the most visible in everyday life is the dramatic increase in energy prices across the European Union. As a consequence of the increases, inflation has also skyrocketed and has begun to threaten not only the European economy, but also the social contract itself. The Member States and the Union itself are trying to respond to the situation and to find common solutions that would address the situation both in the short term and then also seek to stabilise the economy and the energy markets in the long term.

The Union and the Member States have been able to react more quickly to the situation than in other crises in the past, but we still do not know the final solution. There are several proposals on the table which, on the one hand, are aimed at curbing high electricity prices. On the other hand, a compromise is needed to transform the functioning of the pan-European market in the future.
How does the single energy market work? Why are countries trying to find a solution at European level? What have the EU Member States already agreed on and how will this improve or enhance the situation? Is it only the war in Ukraine that is responsible for expensive energy? Should Europe wean itself off gas altogether? And should the EU transform the market?

These and other questions will be answered by:

Michal Hrubý, Research Fellow, EUROPEUM Institute for European Policy
Martin Jirušek, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Social Studies, Masaryk University
Zuzana Krejčiříková, Director of Public Affairs, ČEZ
Tereza Stašáková, Officer, Department of Electricity and Heating, Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic

Moderator: Helena Truchlá, Czech Interests in the EU

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Kristína Chlebáková
Project Manager

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