INVITATION: Strategic partnership for a secure and digital Europe

We sincerely invite you to a debate entitled "Strategic partnership for a secure and digital Europe", hosted by EUROPEUM Institute for European Policy, The Centre for European Perspective and the Atlantic Council. The debate will take place on November 23 at 8:45 a.m. at the American Center and will also be streamed online.

Digitalization and digital policies will shape the future for decades to come. While the EU has much to offer – technological prowess, its vision of a free, open and human-centric digital future – the transatlantic partnership has been and remains the EU’s best option for securing its vision for the future. On the other hand, growing numbers of online threats and malign intentions by third countries and subsequent push by individual countries to mitigate the threats threaten to splinter the internet into disjointed networks.
  • How can we counter this growing regulatory divergence, move beyond mere words, and ensure working cooperation, coordination efforts, and concrete results?
  • Is greater transatlantic alignment needed or can we offer alternatives?
  • What can we do to concretize the transatlantic digital cooperation, to ensure a tangible strategic partnership in the area of digital policy?
Joining us to discuss these questions are:
- Representative from the Czech Republic (TBC),
- Ms Susan Ness (non-resident fellow at the Atlantic Council and former FCC Commissioner),
- Mr Igor Zgrabljic, Public Policy Manager at Google,
- Representative of the New Strategy Center (Romania).
Moderator: Jaka Repanšek, co-chair of the Strategic Committee for Regulation and Environment, Slovenian Digital Coalition
Join us for a discussion in person or on social media, as the discussion will be streamed on EUROPEUM’s and CEP’s Facebook pages.
Address: American Center, Tržiště 13/366, 118 00 Malá Strana.
#strategy digitalization

Alexandra Visnerova
Senior Project Manager, Transatlantic Policy Forum

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