Blog | Business-as-usual between Germany and China as a disruptive element for the European Union

The war in Ukraine and the subsequent economic crisis caused by Europe's dependence on Russian fossil fuels showed Europeans the danger of keeping too tight economic ties to autocratic regimes. However, while Europe is shedding its dependence on Russia, another economic reliance is gaining strenght, namely that of Germany on China. In her blog, our intern Kristina Kropáčková explores the broader context of this phenomenon and its implications for EU cohesion.

"At the moment, the European Union officially considers China to be a partner, but also an economic and a systematic rival. This dichotomy only underscored how split the bloc is with regards to policy on China. However, such steps as a recent legislation initiative aimed at decreasing Europe’s dependency on Chinese import of critical materials demonstrate the direction which the Union wants to take. But in order to set off on that journey, EU leading members must act in unison, and that might occur once Germany agrees to reassess its current approach to China."

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