BLOG | The case of Lampedusa: A humanitarian crisis in the midst of a dilemma between EU solidarity and states’ sovereignty

In September 2023, Lampedusa, a small Italian island, faced an unprecedented surge in arrivals, sparking a heated debate within the EU. With conflicting perspectives from leaders like Ursula Von der Leyen, the focus has shifted from humanitarian aid to security concerns. This blog written by Nicolas Rouillard explores the complexities of the crisis, the divergent opinions, and the critical decisions ahead that could reshape Europe's approach to migration.

While we are witnessing strengthened unity within the EU in the past years, these different commentaries show that EU’s unity remains fragile in terms of migration policy, particularly regarding the reception of new asylum seekers. The primary focus often centers around issues of identity and security rather than humanitarian aid, despite the legal obligation under International Law to assist people and ships in distress at sea.

The whole blog is available under the PDF button.


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