Czech Republic 2030: How to support green transformation and not throw money out the window?

On 20 November 2023, the Centre for Transport and Energy, in cooperation with EUROPEUM Institute for European Policy, organised a conference entitled Czech Republic 2030: how to support green transformation and not throw money out the window? The conference was opened with an introduction by Josef Schwarz from the Representation of the European Commission in the Czech Republic.

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Hospodářské noviny | More than five million people will need to be retrained in the Czech Republic by 2030. Car industry will mainly face the problems

The Czech car industry is lagging behind the rest of Europe and the world. It may not be able to pick what to produce, but it has the opportunity to strengthen its competitiveness and resilience. However, it needs trained and educated employees, which are hard to find on the local labour market. So are we going to train the automotive workforce, strengthen the position of our strategic sector and promote a just transformation? Or are we going to continue to say that the transition to electric mobility does not concern us and that the Green Deal for Europe is to blame for increased unemployment? How to produce electric cars and remain competitive? Rebeka Hengalová, a researcher at EUROPEUM Institute, discusses this topic in her article for economic daily Hospodářské noviny.

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ČT24 | Amendment to the law on emission allowances would bring changes in Czech climate policy

The Czech government is currently discussing an amendment to the law on emission allowances, according to which 100% of the proceeds from emissions trading would be dedicated to climate action. The negotiations include deciding which ministry will administer these amounts. Our senior researcher Kateřina Davidová weighed in on the issue.

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INVITATION | Czechia 2030: how to support green transformation and not throw money out the window?

We invite you to a conference on energy transition, meaningful investment and social security in Czech society, which will take place on Monday 20 November 2023 at 13:00 at the European House in Prague.

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BLOG | EU wastes money and food: tackling food waste at EU level

Food waste causes the production of greenhouse gases, wastes water and makes inefficient use of fertile land. In addition to its negative environmental impacts, it is also a social problem. Food is wasted despite the fact that some people are starving. The EU is trying to halve the amount of food waste by 2030 compared to 2015, but current developments suggest that this target will not be achieved. Writes Patricia Vanicka in her blog.

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End-of-life management of the automotive industry and the opportunities for Czechia

After three successful projects focusing on the decarbonization of the Czech automotive industry, the Green Europe team of EUROPEUM in collaboration with the Institute of Circular Economy (INCIEN) is broadening its focus and taking a more circular approach. This project will focus on better lifecycle and end-of-life management of materials used in vehicles and batteries. The collaboration will be split into two research areas:

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Op-Ed | Subsidised fossil fuels are a major obstacle to solving the climate crisis. The Czech Republic and the world must confront it

One of the biggest obstacles to solving the climate crisis is fossil fuel subsidies. However, they have not received much attention in the Czech Republic. An Op-Ed on this topic was written by our Senior Research Fellow Kateřina Davidová.

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Seznam zprávy | Will Ukraine join the EU in 2030? A consolation for Kyiv and a signal for Moscow

Talks on Ukraine's integration into the European Union are about to begin, and despite the proclamations, the date of entry cannot be set in advance. Žiga Faktor, head of the Brussels office of the EUROPEUM Institute, emphasized that the latest proclamations on Ukraine's EU membership reflect a shift in the approach of member countries to EU enlargement.

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ČRo Plus: Debate on future enlargement stirs Brussels

Charles Michel, President of the European Council, has sparked a debate on the future enlargement of the EU until 2030. That is why our senior researcher Jana Juzová commented on the topic in the radio.

Show more Gas pipeline from Poland, oil pipeline from Italy. Czech Republic to borrow billions for projects

The Czech Republic wants to borrow tens of billions through the National Recovery Plan for projects such as the gas pipeline from Poland or the strengthening of the oil pipeline from Italy. The money will come from the European Recovery and Resilience Facility, which should make the loan profitable. Not all projects have been given the green light by the European Commission. Funding for the Dukovany hot water pipeline has been put on hold. Our Senior Research Fellow Vít Havelka commented on this topic.

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