Report | From Vilnius and Beyond: Unraveling the Strategic Potential of NATO's Nordic and Central Eastern European Allies

Our Research Fellow Danielle Piatkiewicz co-edited a report made in partnership with the Global Policy Research Group. In an era marked by shifting geopolitical landscapes, the Nordic and Central/Eastern European countries hold key strategic positions within the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). Following the recently concluded NATO Summit in Vilnius, it's clear that the Alliance stands at a crossroads. The summit underscored the importance of member nations harmonizing their aspirations, capabilities, and strategic priorities. The report delves into both past and current policy initiatives to offer insights into the legacy of cooperation and strategic positioning of these nations.

Show more | Has the war opened a window of opportunity for EU enlargement? Just an illusion, real change takes time and commitment of all

In the framework of the conference Think Tank Forum: EU enlargement, an article on the views of member and candidate states on EU enlargement was written in cooperation with

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Korea on Point: Neither Eastern Europe nor North Korea but the Indo-Pacific is the Future: The Prospects and Challenges for EU-Korea Relations under the Yoon Ad

Tereza Novotná, an associate research fellow at our Institute, wrote an article for Korea on Time, where she argues, that from a security perspective, the EU-South Korea partnership has been marked by three key topics: the Russian war of aggression in Ukraine, North Korea, and US-China strategic competition. It would be a smart choice for Yoon’s team to continue and expand on the New Southern Policy rather than trying to come up with a new framework. In the end, it will be neither Eastern Europe nor North Korea but the Indo-Pacific which will hold the key to the future of the EU-Korea partnership.

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Policy Brief: Responding to China's connectivity agenda in EU's Neighborhood: a Central European perspective

A Policy Brief on the appropriate response of Central European countries to China's expansion in the EU neighbourhood was produced during a study visit to the Brussels office of the Think Visegrad platform. The author of the paper, Jakub Jakóbowski, focuses on the possibilities of engaging Central Europe in the EU's global connectivity agenda, implemented under the Global Gateway initiative. He highlights links with the Western Balkans and the Eastern Partnership as an indispensable element of Central European connectivity.

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REPORT: Eastern Partnership Summit 2021 as a new chapter of the EU-EaP relations: Time for diversification?

A team from the Brussels Office has written a report on the Eastern Partnership Summit, which took place on 14 December. The report focuses on relations between the European Union and the Eastern Partnership.

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INVITATION: Eastern Partnership Summit 2021 as a new chapter of the EU-EaP relations: Time for diversification?

We would like to invite you to a debate entitled "Eastern Partnership Summit 2021 as a new chapter of the EU-EaP relations: Time for diversification?" The online debate will take place on December 14 at 17:30.

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POZVÁNKA: Eastern Partnership Summit 2021 jako nová kapitola vztahů mezi EU a Východním partnerstvím: Čas na diverzifikaci?

Rádi bychom vás pozvali na debatu s názvem "Summit Východního partnerství 2021 jako nová kapitola vztahů mezi EU a Východním partnerstvím: Čas na diverzifikaci?" Online debata se uskuteční 14. prosince v 17:30.

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National Convention on the EU: EU relations with the Eastern Neighbourhood

Our researchers Jana Juzová and Katharine Klačanský have written a background paper on EU relations with the Eastern Neighbourhood countries, in which they answer three specific questions. Should the EU continue to approach the Eastern Partnership group as a whole, or should it diversify its approach more? Should the EU develop a specific green strategy for the Eastern Neighbourhood countries and, if so, on what principles? How can the EU counter the influence of other powers (Russia, China, possibly Turkey) working against EU interests in the Eastern Neighbourhood?

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Blog: A New Agenda for the EU Southern Neighbourhood?

Intern Kristina Gera wrote a blog on "A New Agenda for the EU's Southern Neighbourhood?".

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The Transatlantic To-Do List: Biden's Progress Report

Last October, the third annual Transatlantic Policy Forum (TAPF) took place virtually. The Forum not only brought together a wide range of experts but provided inputs and interesting takeaways, including recommendations and a Transatlantic To-Do List, which outlined action points on how the US and the EU should approach the given challenges ranging from increased multilateral collaboration to further development of economic and security engagement. A little over 6 months into his administration, our EUROPEUM experts Danielle Piatkiewicz and Miroslava Pisklová have updated their Transatlantic To-Do List and their 100 day’s progress report to reflect on where Biden’s foreign policy stands now over a half a year into the new US administration.

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