Analysis Of the Activity Of the Czech MEPs During the 2014–2019 Term

Vít Havelka and Zuzana Stuchlíková from EUROPEUM Institute for European policy conducted an analysis of the activity of the Czech MEPs during the 2014–2019 term. The analysis combines quantitative and qualitative methods of research (including the interviews). The text contains, for example, the factors influencing MEPs' success, the impact of the national interests on their work, evaluations and recommendations.

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Le Monde: The next Czech government in the hands of communists

Our Vít Havelka was quoted in and article for Le Monde on the formation of the government of Andrej Babis.

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ČRo Plus: New coalition and NATO

Our Vladimír Bartovic offers his thoughts for ČRo Plus on the impacts of a possible government coalition in regards to the position of the Czech Republic towards NATO.

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Minerva: Valg i Tsjekkia – Største populistiske gjennombrudd siden Brexit

Our Christian Kvorning Lassen contributed with his comments on the situation after the Czech legislative election 2017 for the Norweigan periodical Minerva.

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Sobotka’s Gambit; is the KSCM Mature Enough to make a Viable Government Partner?

Our Research Assistant Marianne Grønning analyses, in her latest blog, the possible outlook for a reinvention of the KSCM party and its prospects in the Czech political system.

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