ČRo Plus | Another sanctions package against Russia

The foreign ministries of Germany, France, Sweden, Spain and the Netherlands have summoned Russian ambassadors over the death of opposition activist Alexei Navalnyj. Germany has proposed an approval of another sanctions package against Russia, while the last proposed package has not yet been approved. Martin Vokálek, Executive Director of EUROPEUM Institute, analysed how effective the sanctions are and whether Western countries should continue to push them.

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TV Nova | Is democracy in Europe at risk?

"Democracy in the West is under threat and Europe must prepare for an existence without the United States of America," the Belgian prime minister told MEPs. He was referring to the possible return of Donald Trump to the White House. Is democracy in Europe really under threat? Our executive director Martin Vokálek commented on the topic in an interview with TN Nova.

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Looking ahead: Strategic roadmap for transatlantic unity In 2024 -Transatlantic Policy Forum in review-

This report, based on the Transatlantic Policy Forum held in November, examines the challenges facing the transatlantic relationship in 2024 in an increasingly volatile geopolitical environment. It highlights the potential impact on the post-war international order and its democratic values. The Ukrainian counter-offensive, the conflict between Israel and Hamas and the breakdown of dialogue between Serbia and Kosovo are highlighted as critical issues. The article also looks at the friction between China and the United States over Taiwan and possible interference in Taiwan's elections.

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Op-Ed | The grain dispute is the first sign that Ukraine's EU accession will not be easy. What obstacles await on this path?

The Ukrainian grain situation is making waves in Europe. Deputy Director and Head of the Brussels Office Ziga Faktor wrote an Op-Ed about the impact of the situation on the country's EU accession and how some member states are reacting.

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iROZHLAS | Relationship with Russia is important, but communication remains extremely challenging, says US undersecretary

"The partnership between the United States and the Czech Republic has never been as strong as it is now," told iROZHLAS.cz Sonata Coulter, Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for European and Euro-Atlantic Affairs at the U.S. Department of State Antony Blinken, who attended the Transatlantic Policy Forum at the invitation of EUROPEUM Institute.

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INVITATION | TAPF: Taking Stock of Transatlantic Relations

We would like to invite you to an event titled "Taking Stock of Transatlantic Relations", organized by EUROPEUM Institute for European Policy, the Atlantic Council, and the American Embassy in Prague as part of the Transatlantic Policy Forum conference. The discussion will take place on Thursday, 2. November at 15:00 in the American Centre in Prague.

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RTVS | European Council Summit: Israel, Ukraine and migration

The representants of EU countries arrived in Brussels for the European Council Summit. Our analytist Vít Havelka has commented on the agenda of the meeting - that includes, among other things, the situation in the Middle East, continuous support of Ukraine, the EU's budget or the new migration and asylum pact - in an interview with RTVS.

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RevivEU project, carried out by four leading institutions in the V4 countries, looks at the needs, concerns and fears of the V4 citizens in four various EU-related topics. It does so through both quantitative and qualitative research of citizens´ attitudes towards climate change, migration, covid-19 and the rule of law. It also analyses the governmental policies in these four main areas and how the communication of these policies is framed in the public discourse.

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E15: The European Union strikes back at the US. EU unveils its own plans to boost the green economy

This week, the European Commission will present two important proposals to the public - the Critical Raw Materials Act and the Net-Zero Industry Act. Both regulations are a response to the US Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 and aim to make the European economy more competitive and prevent a mass exodus of companies and technological innovation to the United States, Kateřina Davidová, our senior researcher, contributed to this topic.

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Finmag: An unequal fight with the USA. Czech industry must turn green to survive

Relatively unnoticed, in August of last year, the Congress of the United States of America voted to pass the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA). This decision may be one of the most important steps in the fight against climate change this decade. Inflation Reduction Act is a massive investment package that can fundamentally affect the current approach of Europe and other countries to green transformation. The transition to clean technologies, research, development, and production, can no longer be perceived purely as a question of reducing emissions, but also as a question of maintaining competitiveness on the global market. The green race has started and the Czech Republic should step up.

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