Euractiv: Debate on synthetic fuels for cars is nonsense, the fundamental question is elsewhere

The future of cars with exhausts is stirring Europe. That is why Czech Transport Minister Martin Kupka (ODS) went to Strasbourg to discuss the promotion of "realistic" rules. He is partly right. However, in the fight for synthetic fuels, which has been launched by the Germans, realism is clearly on the side of a proposal that has long been on the table. And whose future is now being threatened by Kupka and co. The commentary was written by our senior researcher Vít Havelka.

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Seznam zprávy: Money or the planet? Green politics can do both

The dilemma between the green economy and living standards should not exist at all. But the notion of a " fair transition" would have to become a principle motivating policy at home and in the EU.

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COMMENTARY | Money or planet? Government Climate Policy | EU must emphasise social justice

When the European Parliament finally confirmed the ban on the sale of cars with internal combustion engines in the EU in 2035, it sparked a new round of a well-known debate in the Czech Republic. Is climate and environmental protection worth the threat to prosperity in countries with strong car industries like the Czech Republic? Klára Votavová discussed this topic.

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RTVS: European Parliament: Russia is a state sponsor of terrorism

Following the Russian attacks on civilians in Ukraine, the European Parliament has designated Russia a state sponsor of terrorism. What does this declaration mean in practice and what does it mean for member states? Our Executive Director Martin Vokálek commented on this matter for Slovak RTVS.

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CT24: Price cap on gas for electricity production may lead to gas depletion

At a joint meeting of EU ministers, possible solutions to high gas prices were discussed. Our researcher Michal Hrubý commented on the meeting for Událostí, komentáře ČT24. He warned, for example, against capping prices of gas used for electricity production, which could lead to the exhaustion of gas reserves due to low prices. On the other hand, he positively assessed the planned joint European purchases of gas, which could significantly help the Czech economy.

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Ekonews: It won't work without a dig in your own "garden". The EU needs raw materials to transform the energy sector

The energy transition and decarbonisation of transport require minerals and metals, the extraction of which is mainly controlled by China. Clean energy technologies are much more material intensive, but Europe has limited access to these raw materials. Our researcher , Michal Hrubý, provided Ekonews with a commentary on the topic of clean energy and minerals.

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E15: Germany continues to look for a way out of the energy crisis, confirms Scholz's visit to Prague

Tereza Novotná, an associate research fellow at our Institute, has provided a commentary for the E15 portal. In the article, she discusses the visit of German Chancellor Olaf Scholz to Prague and the energy crisis that threatens the EU. According to Novotná, responsibility also lies with other countries, including the Czech Republic, which also failed to develop other energy sources in time.

Show more One-day vignette from 2024. The price will be determined by an increased annual vignette

The head of our Brussels office, Žiga Faktor, provided a commentary to the news portal on the topic "One-day vignette from 2024. The price will be determined by the increased annual vignette". Since 2017, a proposal for a mandatory toll system in the EU has been in the works, so that trucks would pay only according to the number of kilometres driven. However, the changes also affect cars, specifically by introducing a one-day vignette. The price of the one-day vignette has not yet been set, but according to European regulations it must not exceed nine percent of the annual toll. The final price of the one-day vignette therefore depends on the annual motorway toll. Its implementation can be expected in 2024.

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EURO: Uncertain heating season opens the return of coal

Our senior research fellow Kateřina Davidová commented for the weekly magazine Euro on the topic "Uncertain heating season opens the return of coal". In her commentary, she discusses Europe's energy self-sufficiency and, among other things, the current and future state of the Czech energy sector without coal.

Show more | The negotiations on Euro 7 are approaching. Will they put a stop to internal combustion cars in 2025?

Our researcher Michal Hrubý commented for the news portal on the long-awaited Euro 7 emission standard. In his commentary, he mentions the circumstances of its negotiation and talks about its potential entry into force.

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