Právo | "Dutch Trump" Wilders haunts Europe

Dutch election winner and head of the far-right Geert Wilders is on the lookout for government participation. His success is not an isolated event, but probably a symptom of an overall rise of the far right in the EU countries. Viktor Daněk, deputy director of the EUROPEUM Institute, discussed the recent Dutch elections in a commentary for the daily Právo.

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Deník N | Climate change and the upcoming European elections

Climate change is an important topic that is increasingly appearing in various narratives in Czech political discourse. Our researcher Klára Votavová writes about environmental issues and the subsequent political response in her new commentary for Deník N, where she presents findings from the RevivEU project.

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Právo | Tusk's death sentence over the V4

The alliance between the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Poland is weakening more and more and the possibility of a Donald Tusk's government in Poland will certainly not help the V4 to come together again. Viktor Daněk, deputy director of EUROPEUM, commented on this topic for the newspaper Právo.

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TV Nova | Commentary on President Petr Pavel's speech to MEPs

The head of our Brussels office, Žiga Faktor, added a commentary to President Petr Pavel's speech to MEPs on key topics of Czech foreign policy.

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ČRo Plus: What outlook does North Macedonia have for joining the European Union?

Czech president Petr Pavel welcomed the President of North Macedonia, Steve Pendarovski, at Prague Castle. According to the Castle, the invitation to the Czech Republic is intended to express the support for the country's move towards the European Union. For Český Rozhlas Plus, the head of our Brussels office, Žiga Faktor, commented on the current events in North Macedonia.

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Aktuálně.cz | No pensions on a burnt planet. What will the world be like when we stop working in 40 years?

Klára Votavová, our researcher, has written a commentary on the current government pension reform. According to Votavová, it is alarming that the reform does not take into account climate change and the impact of technology on the labour market.

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Aktuálně.cz: Europe together and with Moldova. The leaders' summit in Chisinau sent a clear signal to the Kremlin

The head of the EUROPEUM Institute's Brussels office wrote a commentary for Aktuálně.cz on the European Political Community meeting in Moldova.

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Discussing Ukraine in V4 mainstream media: The future vis-à-vis European integration

The project assesses the production, distribution and consumption of news on Ukraine’s future vis-a-vis European integration by the V4 mainstream media. The aim is to designate both dominant and marginalized narratives, while also analyzing their impact via focus groups. The findings will be presented to stakeholders in order to improve reporting and increase the audiences’ access to information.

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DeníkN: Global crises are increasing, the state is returning. However, Czech politicians ignore it

Commentary from our researcher Klára Votavová: The publication of the government's package for the recovery of public finances was preceded by several familiar claims about the exuberant Czech state and high taxes. After weeks of negotiations, Petr Fiala's government announced that it intends to save approximately 20 billion crowns on state operations and salaries for years 2024 and 2025. It is not yet clear who will be affected by the investigation and whether it will be in the form of layoffs or salary cuts for civil servants.

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Voxpot: Will we let Ukraine bite piece of our pie? The grain dispute is the first indication of her thorny journey to the EU

At least until next summer, Ukrainian grain will continue to flow duty-free to the European market. The agreement reached by the EU with the member countries thus lifted the ban lasting several weeks. Despite the averted crisis, however, it became fully apparent how fragile the vision of Ukraine's future accession to the Union is and what challenges await it on this path. This is how Žiga Faktor, head of the Brussels office, begins his commentary for Voxpot.

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