Policy paper | Have we caught up with the West? - 20 years of convergence through the lens of wage levels

This year, the EU marks the anniversary of the biggest wave of enlargement in its history, when the Czech Republic joined the Union along with nine other Central and Eastern European countries. One of the main promises associated with enlargement was that the new Member States would catch up with Western Europe in terms of living standards. Read more in Silke Maes' policy paper.

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INVITATION | Pacific Talks: Security Challenges for the Pacific, EU and Russia

We would like to invite you to a debate called "Security Challenges for the Pacific, EU and Russia " in the EU-PACIFIC Talks series. The debate will take place online on Friday, December 2 at 11:30.

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France and the V4 in a multi-speed Europe: rough times ahead?

Our Martin Michelot, in his latest policy paper, explores the relationship of France and the Visegrad group from a perspective of Macron's strategies, a possible multi-speed scenario and a political Franco-German axis, outlining the long-term prospect of cooperation.

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Café Evropa: Asymmetry of salaries in the EU – why are our wages lagging behind?

Accept our sincere invitation to the public debate that is part of the series Café Evropa. Our distinguished guests Markéta Adamová and Josef Středula will discuss the following topic: “Asymmetry of salaries in the EU – why are our wages lagging behind?“

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Some valuable lessons from U.S. politics?

Although the Europeans might see the U.S. presidential elections as rather bizarre, it currently presents similar trends to those in Europe. The phenomenon of “antisystem” candidates can now be found on both sides of the Atlantic. Read what Martin Michelot thinks about this development.

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