Strengthening security of the citizens active in the public space in Crimea and support of their contacts with the rest of Ukraine and the Czech Republic

Project to enhance the security of journalists in Crimea and increase their cooperation with the Czech Republic

Project Managers: Eva Rybkova, Vera Rihackova

Timeframe: January - December 2015

Status: Project leader 

Executive Summary:
The aim of the project is to enhance the security of journalists, bloggers and activists from Crimea and eastern regions of Ukraine by strengthening their knowledge of Russian legislation related to the media and in the area of cybersecurity. The project also aims at targeted advocacy in the Czech Republic in order to provide for first-hand information about the developments in Crimea and eastern parts of Ukraine. 


  • Trainings in Kyiv and Prague
  • Advocacy Trip to Prague
  • On-line platform for legal assistance

Partners: Internews Ukraine

Donors: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech RepublicHeinrich Böll Foundation


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Věra Řiháčková Pachta
Associate Research Fellow

Expertise: EU foreign policy, western EU partners,EU cooperaton and develpmnet, EU security and counterterrorist policy

Eva Rybková
Associate Research Fellow

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