Pompeo’s Pompeii: The Eruption of the Iranian Peace Accords and What this means for the EU.

Our Rachel Warren analyzes, in her latest blog, the Iranian Peace Accords after the arrival of the new Secretary of State Mark Pompeo.

  • The Trump administration has not been characterized as thoughtful or respectful; however, the arrival of the new Secretary of State Mark Pompeo has elevated its volatility.
  • Whereas his predecessor presented moderate versions of Trump’s policy plans, Pompeo is Trump’s equal in brusqueness.

For the good of EU countries, Transatlantic relationships must be protected. Though President Trump has oscillated between praise and criticism of NATO. Secretary Pompeo seems to recognize the organization’s importance.

By increasing the effectiveness of PESCO, EU leaders can hope to have a strong growth of capabilities as a whole. It is importance that European leaders emphasize integration over defense sovereignty in this regard. Defense research, production, and operation are crucial during this time, and stand to benefit from cooperation and integration.

In light of Secretary Pompeo’s appointment to office, the EU strive to strengthen the stability of the NATO partnership, but also give themselves a sense of greater security and autonomy due to the somewhat oppressive nature of this alliance as of late.

You can read the whole blog on EurActiv.

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