America back in business: What rejoining the Paris Agreement means for EU climate ambition?

In her blog post, our intern Charlotte Bufano discusses what rejoining the Paris Agreement means for EU climate ambition?

After the tragic events that took place in Washington D.C. on the 6th of January 2021, which the world has looked upon with apprehension, the mandate of the newly elected 46th President of the United States will start with the roll back of some of the most contested policies of the Trump presidency and focus on “four overlapping and compounding crises”:the pandemic, the economic downturn, racial inequity and climate change. It is this very last point that might be the most challenging. Nevertheless, one does not exclude the other and the resolution of one of the four crises can, in a synergistic way, positively affect the resolution of the others.

The climate policies of Trump and Biden couldn’t be more divergent. What will be the impact of the new Biden Administration on the implementation of the Paris Agreement on Climate Change and on the EU climate policy?

You can read the whole article here

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