Policy Paper: Potential for CCS in V4 – will we seize the momentum?

Michal Hrubý, a Researcher at EUROPEUM Institute for European Policy, wrote under the Think Visegrad in Brussels project his policy paper "Potential for CCS in V4 – will we seize the momentum?".

It is certainly not the most important decarbonization tool, yet its necessity is confirmed by many global stakeholders, including IPCC, IRENA or IEA. Large and ambitious projects are under construction in the Western Europe, but the Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) and, specifically, the Visegrad Group (V4) might be lacking such ambitions. This paper aims to 1) introduce the CCS technology 2) show the progress made in V4 and 3) stress new challenges and opportunities to decarbonise the V4’s vital industries and reach net-zero by 2050.

The whole article is available under the PDF button.

#decarbonisation #CCS #V4 #Think Visegrad

Michal Hrubý
Research Fellow

Expertise: EU green economics, heavy industry, transport

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