REPORT: Stocktaking and Evaluating EU defence cooperation – expectations and the role of the V4

The head of our Brussels office, Žiga Faktor, wrote a report on the panel discussion that took place in a hybrid form in Brussels. During the panel, speakers discussed the latest developments in the NATO Strategic Concept and European defence autonomy debate. In addition, they focused on how Central and Eastern Europe, in particular countries of the Visegrad group, affect the process.

According to the participants, both NATO and the EU need to strengthen their adaptability and speed up their responses to the unpredictable, as they are facing a vastly competitive rivalry and complexity globally. The NATO Strategic Concept is perceived as a political document with ownership of all 30 Member States, where NATO provides consultations. Therefore, the NATO Strategic Concept is an excellent opportunity to address future threats to any Member State, protect its values and future-proof its alliances.

The whole report is available under the PDF button.


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Žiga Faktor
Deputy Director & Head of Brussels Office

Expertise: European integration of Western Balkans, EU enlargement, Slovenian Politics and EU-Turkey relations

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