Seminar: How to Understand European Parliament Elections?

Accept our invitation to seminar which will guide you through the results of EP’s elections.

The Representation of the European Commission and the Information Office of the European Parliament in the Czech Republic in co-operation with EUROPEUM Institute for European Policy are organizing a seminar for broad public "How to understand European Parliament Elections?". The event takes place at the European House on June 18, 2014, from 5 pm to 7 pm. The main speakers are Martin Mejstřík (IMS FSV UK), Vít Dostál (AMO).

You can find the invitation in PDF on the right. You will find all presentations and press releases from previous events here.

The seminars are held in Czech.

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Radomír Špok
Associate Research Fellow

Areas of interest / research: Education, Regional Policy, Cohesion Policy, Participative democracy, transparency, lobbying.

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