CNN Prima News | Hungary's position at the European Council

Our Executive Director Martin Vokálek was a guest on CNN Prima News, where he commented on the results of the European Council Summit. In particular, he commented on Viktor Orbán's position on the opening of accession negotiations for Ukraine.

"As far as European leaders are concerned, they spoke rather positively about the opening of accession negotiations for Ukraine. (...) On the contrary, the Kremlin, led by Vladimir Putin, stated that this decision could destabilise the entire European bloc. And it is the position of Viktor Orbán and the whole of Hungary that the Kremlin praises highly for defending its interests. However, it can be said that to a large extent it has also defended the interests of the Kremlin and Russia."

The whole commentary can be watched here.

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Martin Vokálek
Executive Director

Expertise: Economic issues, European security and NATO, war crimes and international law problematic

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