ČRo Plus | The impact of the presidential election result in Taiwan

The Democratic Progressive Party candidate wins Taiwan's presidential election for the third time in a row. The incumbent vice-president, William Lai, whom China describes as a troublemaker and separatist, will become head of state. A rapprochement with Beijing is therefore not expected, quite the opposite. Our researcher Zuzana Krulichová commented for ČRo Plus on what these elections mean, especially from an economic point of view.

"For the world market, the results of these elections mean stability and continuation of the current government, and no major changes or major fluctuations are expected, at least in the short term. In the long term, this result actually means some possibility of further increasing tensions between Taiwan and China, which brings instability to those markets that may react to it in some way - but so far that has not happened."

You can listen to the full interview here (from about 8:15).

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Zuzana Krulichová
Research Fellow

Zuzana Krulichová is a research fellow in the Global Europe programme at EUROPEUM Institute for European Policy and PhD student at the Department of European Studies, Charles University. She holds an MA in International Relations from Leiden University and an undergraduate degree in Area Studies from Charles University. Generally, she is interested in EU foreign policy and the role of member states in its development, relations between the EU and Indo-Pacific, and global infrastructure projects, such as the BRI or Global Gateway and non-coercive influence in IR. Before starting the PhD programme, she worked for People in Need.

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