Viktor Orbán won the parliamentary elections. What can we expect?

Vladimír Bartovic has commented for on the results of the Hungarian parliamentary elections, and gave his opinion on what to expect from Orbán in the future.

Viktor Orbán has dominated the parliamentary elections in Hungary. The political parties Fidesz and Christian Democrats formed a coalition, and as a result obtained short of two thirds of pariamentary seats. Orbán frequently critiques the European Union, which in turn points out his autocratic style of governing. Will similar results spread to other states?

People around Orbáns party are aware of the fact that in the next elections the results might not be as favourable. With regards to the election cycle, they do not expect to win so overwhelmingly a second time. In the next four years therefore, Fidesz will be trying to stardardize itself and find a potential coalition partner among other political parties.

I personally expect a combination of both - that is, Fidesz using this term to further strenghten their position in the offices of state, to gain control over important sectors of the economy, and in the beginning it will certainly take steps against humanitarian organisations. On the other hand I expect however, that it will be sending more positive signals towards opposition parties and potential partners. 

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