Ekonomický deník | There is a consensus to keep China out of Europe's critical infrastructure

The European Union will step up its efforts to reduce its dependence on China in the future. This was demonstrated by a unanimous vote of MEPs on the risks of growing Chinese influence on Europe's critical infrastructure on Wednesday. Our research fellow Zuzana Krulichová commented on the EU's current economic policy towards China for Ekonomický deník.

"Member States' policy towards China is inconsistent. This often makes the pursuit of common objectives at EU level problematic. However, in the light of the pandemic and the war in Ukraine, there are more critical voices towards China and growing concerns about the economic security of the Union."

You can read the full article here.

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Zuzana Krulichová
Research Fellow

Zuzana Krulichová is a research fellow in the Global Europe programme at EUROPEUM Institute for European Policy and PhD student at the Department of European Studies, Charles University. She holds an MA in International Relations from Leiden University and an undergraduate degree in Area Studies from Charles University. Generally, she is interested in EU foreign policy and the role of member states in its development, relations between the EU and Indo-Pacific, and global infrastructure projects, such as the BRI or Global Gateway and non-coercive influence in IR. Before starting the PhD programme, she worked for People in Need.

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