e15 | Slovak government toughens up after attack on Fico. Violent acts may increase, experts warn

Democracy and the rule of law in Slovakia are in even greater danger after last week's assassination of Prime Minister Robert Fico than before. According to the local media, there are fears that government politicians, led by Fico's interim deputy Robert Kaliňák, will try to take advantage of the current situation to introduce repressive measures against the opposition and the liberal media, which could also affect local business. Project manager of EUROPEUM Institute Kristína Chlebáková comments on the situation for e15.

It will depend on whether Fico's deputy manages to control the coalition partners and their attacks on the media, the opposition and the part of Slovak society that is not in favour of them. I think that the SNS and the radical wing of Smer in particular will try to take advantage of the situation to consolidate their power and will continue even more intensively with the reforms they have begun, which are often contrary to the rule of law, such as the control of public television or the already approved amendment to the criminal code.

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Kristína Chlebáková
Project Manager

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