ČT24: British referendum about leaving EU

Vladimír Bartovic was on special ČT24’s broadcast about Brexit referendum.

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Labour Party's labour's lost or has Margaret Thatcher been forgotten?

Zuzana Kasáková’s follow-up blog focusing on results of elections to autonomous legislative bodies of Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Read more about some of the historically unprecedented results and difficulties accompanying proportional voting system.

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Big Deal about no Big Deal

New blog from our research fellow Zuzana Picková about changes to British membership in the EU negotiated by David Cameron to avoid Brexit.

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Rádio Slovensko: Commentary on Cameron's talks with the V4 countries over the demands of changes in social benefits

The Director of EUROPEUM Institute for European policy Vladimír Bartovic commented yesterday at Rádio Slovensko - Rádiožurnál o 12:00 the talks of David Cameron and the V4 countries, especially regarding the demands of changes in social benefits.

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What can the EU do to contain the risk of the “Brexit”?

Institute for European Policy EUROPEUM published a policy brief by Jan Váška. Read about potential risks connected to the possible departure of Great Britain from the European Union.

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French foreign policy has to be reconsidered

In the wake of the November 13 Paris attacks, French president Francois Hollande decided to intensify the French military operations to a level politically and financially unbearable in the long term.

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ČT Studio 6: Agreement between Britain and the EU?

Director of EUROPEUM Institute for European policy Vladimír Bartovic talked on Czech TV about the requests of David Cameron and the likely reactions of Donald Tusk.

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Czech Republic: A desire to accommodate British demands, but without treaty changes

How do various members of the EU view UK´s ‪‎renegotiation‬? Director of Europeum Vladimír Bartovic explains the Czech point of view on the LSE blog.

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RTVS: Great Britain, EU and David Cameron's requirements

Director of EUROPEUM Institute for European Policy, Vladimír Bartovic, is one of the guests of a Slovakian radio debate devoted to EU and Great Britain.

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