ČRo Plus | Why Martina Dlabajová was not appointed as EU's small and medium-sized enterprises Envoy

Czech MEP Martina Dlabajová had applied for the post of EU's small and medium-sized enterprises Envoy last fall, but at the end of January Markus Pieper was appointed to this role. He is Ursula von der Leyen's running mate, who came third in the open competition behind the winning Dlabajová. The anti-corruption organisation Transparency International, among others, has called for an investigation into the selection procedure. Viktor Daněk, the deputy director of the EUROPEUM Institute, commented on this for Czech Radio.

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ČRo Plus | Vít Havelka comments on STEM survey on European integration

How much people in the Czech Republic trust the European Union and what does this tell us about the mood in society? Why is economic prosperity and security so important to the Czechs? Vít Havelka comments on the STEM sociological survey for Czech Radio Plus.

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TV Nova | How to make EU elections more attractive in the Czech Republic

Since 2004, Czechs have been able to vote in European Parliament elections. However, interest is low compared to other countries. Why is this the case and how could voter turnout be increased? Martin Vokálek, Executive Director of EUROPEUM, discussed this topic.

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Deník N | Climate change and the upcoming European elections

Climate change is an important topic that is increasingly appearing in various narratives in Czech political discourse. Our researcher Klára Votavová writes about environmental issues and the subsequent political response in her new commentary for Deník N, where she presents findings from the RevivEU project.

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Aktuálně.cz: Good, but not very specific. Czechs missed a lot in von der Leyen's speech

The current President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, will end her term next autumn. It remains to be decided whether she will run again, but her strong State of the Union speech puts her in an favourable position. Žiga Faktor, director of the EUROPEUM Institute's Brussels office, commented on the current situation for Aktuálně.cz.

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EURACTIV | Sánchez's resigned government will probably manage the EU presidency, betting on small ambitions

The Czechs remember very well what it is like to preside over the EU Council without a stable government. The Spanish, however, have kind of counted on this scenario and their presidency is therefore not very ambitious. Nevertheless, they have to fulfill some important tasks. Read what Jana Juzová, Senior Research Fellow at EUROPEUM Institute, has to say.

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E15.cz: Czechs don't want czexit. Without the European Union, we would end up like Kaliningrad

Europeum, in cooperation with the analytical institute STEM, prepared a survey on the subject of the Czech Republic's membership in the EU and the adoption of the euro currency. For E15, researcher Klára Votavová and senior researcher Vít Havelka commented on the topic.

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Aktuálně.cz: Liberal leader of Eastern Europe. Czechs trust the president and perceive Russia as the originator of the war

A new international analysis points to the Czech Republic as a leader of liberal values in Central and Eastern Europe. Twice as many people trust the President than last year, when Miloš Zeman was still head of state. The analysis was prepared by Globsec, a prestigious think tank based in Bratislava. Our senior Research Fellow Klára Votavová also commented on the issue.

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BLOG: EU Approach v. the Czech Republic: invisible gap in Czechs human rights' legislation

Rozálie Wünschová writes in her blog that the Czech Republic is one of only two EU countries where corporal punishment of children is still legally permitted. Together with Slovakia, this puts the Czech Republic behind not only the Nordic countries, where corporal punishment was banned in the last century but also countries such as Turkmenistan, which adopted protective legislation in 2007.

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Policy Paper | Trust in the EU in times of crisis: Public perceptions in the Czech Republic in the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic

How has the Covid-19 pandemic affected the Czechs' relationship with the European Union? This topic is addressed in a policy paper by visiting fellow Mare Ushkovska.

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