iDnes | Czechs voted for Euroscepticism

European Parliament elections have been held in the EU Member States, but they have shown that the exchange rate will not change much. According to Viktor Daňek, deputy director of the EUROPEUM Institute, the elections did not shake Europe too much and the future parliament will be slightly more right-wing.

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ČRo | Far-right parties in the European Parliament

Surveys suggest that the far-right is gaining strength. Experts predict the possibility of a "Trump-like moment" in Europe. How significant is this risk for key EU players such as Germany, France, or Italy? Are there similar reasons for the rise in support for right-wing parties across Europe? These and other questions were answered by Vít Havelka, Senior Researcher at EUROPEUM Institute.

Show more | How to Interpret results of the European Elections

The ANO movement won the European elections, while the Spolu coalition took second place. The biggest individual winner was Filip Turek. In other European countries, the most resonant event was the significant defeat of French President Emmanuel Macron, who subsequently announced early elections. Viktor Daněk, Deputy Director of EUROPEUM Institute, analyzed the European elections in the Novinky Express program.

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Zdravotnický deník | Population Health

Politicians and companies should start putting more emphasis on prevention and education about active and healthy lifestyles, because the health of the population has a major impact on the competitiveness of companies and the national economy. Viktor Daněk, Deputy Director of EUROPEUM Institute, commented on this issue.

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Ekonomický deník | Subsidies for Czech farmers

Farmers in the Czech Republic receive the fifth largest package of national subsidies in the European Union, behind Poland, Germany and Austria. Moreover, the whole system is set up in such a way that small farmers often do not receive subsidies at all. According to Viktor Daňek, deputy director of EUROPEUM Institute, the system cannot function fairly without a cap or a significant degression in payments.

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ČT24 | The rise of the far-right in the EU elections

What are the reasons for the rise of the far-right in the upcoming European elections? Can we say that the far-right still holds anti-European views? What would the agenda of the European Parliament look like if the far-right gained more support? How likely is it that the European People's Party and Liberals would cooperate with the Conservatives? Žiga Faktor, deputy director and head of EUROPEUM Institute's Brussels office, provided live answers on the program "Předvolební Evropa" on ČT24.

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Televizní noviny | Do the EU elections have the potential to change the support of Ukraine?

There have been opinions that call for changes of the EU including defense cooperation or foreign policy. The topic that should stay important even after the EU elections is the support of Ukraine. Do the EU elections have the potential to change the intensity of the EU's support of Ukraine? Vít Havelka, a senior researcher at EUROPEUM Institute answered for the main evening broadcast of TV Nova.

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ČRo Plus | Visit of Jens Stoltenberg and Rishi Sunak to Poland

Donald Tusk was joined in Warsaw by NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg and British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak. The aim of this meeting, according to Tusk, is to strengthen Poland's position in security policy. Polish President Andrzej Duda has even said that Poland is willing to let NATO allies deploy nuclear weapons on their territory. Martin Vokálek, director of the EUROPEUM Institute, commented on the visit for Czech Radio.

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Seznam Zprávy | Europe is buying more and more Russian liquefied natural gas

French President Emmanuel Macron is talking about sending troops to Ukraine, but his country has already sent 600 million euros to Russia for liquefied gas this year. And the country is not alone in this. What do Martin Vokálek and Vít Havelka from the EUROPEUM Institute for European Policy say about this?

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TV Nova | Emmanuel Macron's turnaround: taking a swipe at the Kremlin and not ruling out the deployment of troops in Ukraine

Is Emmanuel Macron becoming a watchdog in relation to Russia? Will his statements be backed up by his actions? Martin Vokálek, Executive Director of the EUROPEUM Institute for European Policy, commented for TV Nova on the evolution of positions towards Ukraine from president Emmanuel Macron.

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