Blesk | Changing the Green Deal is almost impossible and its cancellation is not desirable

The government press conference on Wedesday was delayed by nearly two hours due to discussions on the nuclear megatender for the completion of Dukovany. The originally planned approval of the Czech Green Deal was postponed. Prime Minister Fiala emphasized that no new commitments would be adopted and the government would seek to mitigate the impacts of previously approved measures. However, as noted by Rebeka Hengalová from the EUROPEUM Institute for Blesk, altering the Deal is nearly impossible and canceling it is neither feasible nor desirable.

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e15 | Slovak government toughens up after attack on Fico. Violent acts may increase, experts warn

Democracy and the rule of law in Slovakia are in even greater danger after last week's assassination of Prime Minister Robert Fico than before. According to the local media, there are fears that government politicians, led by Fico's interim deputy Robert Kaliňák, will try to take advantage of the current situation to introduce repressive measures against the opposition and the liberal media, which could also affect local business. Project manager of EUROPEUM Institute Kristína Chlebáková comments on the situation for e15.

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ČRo Plus | Viktor Daněk: Pro-European Czech government and EU reform

Czech governments have always been strong supporters of EU enlargement, and the same is true of the current one. The cabinet of Petr Fiala of the ODS might even like to be seen as the one that has done the most of Czech governments for the accession of new members to the shared club so far.

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TN Nova | MEPs agree that Orbán's government is against the fundamental values of the EU

According to the resolution adopted by MEPs, Hungary should not receive any more EU money until it proves that it has corrected its shortcomings regarding the rule of law and human rights. They also agreed that Viktor Orbán's government is a threat to the values of the European Union. Žiga Faktor, head of the Brussels office of the EUROPEUM Institute for European Policy, discussed the issue.

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TV Nova | Morawiecki's government in Poland will probably end. Donald Tusk should become the new prime minister

The post-election negotiations in Poland are continuing, and their development reflects the preferences and the course of action that most people expected. Viktor Daněk, deputy director of EUROPEUM, commented on the situation on TV Nova.

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EURACTIV | Sánchez's resigned government will probably manage the EU presidency, betting on small ambitions

The Czechs remember very well what it is like to preside over the EU Council without a stable government. The Spanish, however, have kind of counted on this scenario and their presidency is therefore not very ambitious. Nevertheless, they have to fulfill some important tasks. Read what Jana Juzová, Senior Research Fellow at EUROPEUM Institute, has to say.

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E15: The new Italian government must continue with reforms. Support for Ukraine in Rome will probably recede

One of our research associate, Alexandr Lagazzi, commented on the upcoming Italian elections for E15. According to pre-election polls, it can be assumed that the right-wing coalition led by Giorgia Meloni will win the elections. However, according to experts, this result could represent a significant risk for the Italian economy, the drawing of contributions from the EU and the supply of weapons to Ukraine.

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iRozhlas: 'Fresh' first month of the presidency. The Union is relieved that the Czechs have negotiated even a problematic point like gas

In their article on the current European energy policy, refers to the study Gas in Numbers - European solidarity with gas: where does the Czech Republic stand?, which was prepared for EUROPEUM by our researcher Michal Hrubý. Michal Hrubý also commented in more detail for iRozhlas on the necessity of building energy independence from Russia, reducing annual consumption and Czech interests.

Show more Draghi, the 'stabiliser of Italian politics', at a crossroads. He must resolve government disagreements or call early elections

Italy is facing a government crisis. Prime Minister Draghi has announced his resignation, but the president has not accepted the resignation. Alexandr Lagazzi, our associate research fellow, commented for on the current political situation in Italy and the related resignation of Draghi.

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Hospodářské noviny: Remembering Havel: Government approves slogan and priorities for EU Presidency. What are they for?

Our senior research fellow, Vít Havelka, wrote OUTLOOK: 2022 Czech EU Council Presidency, which is mentioned in the article of Hospodářské noviny on the Czech EU Council Presidency.

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