E15 | Europe is terrified of Orbán at the head of EU institutions. It must speed up the selection of a new "EU president"

The first media storm around the European Parliament elections was unleashed by the head of the European Council, Charles Michel, when he unexpectedly announced last weekend that he was going to run for the European Parliament himself in June and, if successful, would resign early from his current post. However, this means that unless the EU27 quickly agrees on his successor, the powers of the "European president" will pass to EU troublemaker Viktor Orban, whose Hungary will hold the EU presidency from the summer. Our head of the Brussels office, Žiga Faktor, commented for E15 on the likelihood of this happening and what it would mean for the functioning of the EU.

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RevivEU project, carried out by four leading institutions in the V4 countries, looks at the needs, concerns and fears of the V4 citizens in four various EU-related topics. It does so through both quantitative and qualitative research of citizens´ attitudes towards climate change, migration, covid-19 and the rule of law. It also analyses the governmental policies in these four main areas and how the communication of these policies is framed in the public discourse.

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RTVS: Recep Tayyip Erdogan will remain president

Head of the Brussels office Žiga Faktor commented on the outcome of the presidential elections in Turkey on RTVS.

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Third year | Decarbonisation of the Czech automotive industry

The climate team of EUROPEUM is currently delivering the 3rd year of its project focused on the decarbonisation of the automotive industry in the Czech Republic. We want to build upon our experience and move this work forward with a more targeted approach. We will focus on three main areas, which we have identified as crucial parts of the puzzle for transitioning to cleaner modes of transport.

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Roundtable report | Monitoring of the EU’s Green Policies: Perceptions and Narratives in the Czech and Slovak Information Space

On 17th of January 2023, the EUROPEUM Institute for European Policy organised a closed roundtable discussion titled Monitoring of the EU’s Green Policies: Perceptions and Narratives in the Czech and Slovak Information Space. The discussion was held under the Chatham House Rule and attended by experts on the EU’s green policies and disinformation from think-tank communities and academia as well as by journalists who regularly comment on these topics. The event was moderated by Žiga Faktor, EUROPEUM’s Head of the Brussels Office. A short report from the discussion was prepared by our junior researcher and project manager Tatiana Mindeková.

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INVITATION: Hospoda Evropa: Stop by for one! We will talk about Europe as you see it.

We cordially invite you to an informal debate over a beer. We will talk about Europe as you see it. The debate will take place in person in Klatovy. We pay for the first round!

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Blog | US Midterms: Consequences for the security of Eastern Europe

The recent US midterm elections made headlines around the world. The main issues that voters were interested in were the state of democracy and the rule of law, abortion, the economy and education. Our intern Tomáš Moudrý addressed these topics in his blog. "The most expensive midterms in the US history are over. Republicans gained the House majority with 221 seats and the Democrats retained the Senate with 51 seats. Is this a surprising result? Partly yes, partly no. Firstly, polls and even Republicans were sure about a “Red wave“ that would sweep across the US. Instead, there was a tossup in both Chambers of the Congress. Secondly, the President’s party usually lose the midterms. One can argue that midterms from the incumbent President’s party perspective traditionally have just one major goal – to mitigate losses by the closest possible margin. The Democrats seem to have found a way to deal with this fate, despite Biden's low approval rating."

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INVITATION: Hospoda Evropa: Stop by for one! We'll talk about Europe as you see it.

We invite you to an informal debate over a beer. The talk will be about Europe as you perceive it. It will take place in person in Kytín. We pay for the first round!

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Background paper Think Tank Forum | Green agenda in the Western Balkans

Researcher Michal Hrubý prepared a background paper on the Green Agenda in the Western Balkans in the framework of the Think Tank Forum held in the first half of October 2022. In the paper, he discusses the role of the Green Agenda itself and its future. Indeed, the so-called Green Deal is the cornerstone of the EU's climate agenda, and the Western Balkans has declared the importance of this agreement by signing the Green Agenda for the Western Balkans (GAWB) in 2011.

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Think Tank Forum: EU enlargement

It is with great pleasure to invite you to participate in the EU Enlargement Think-tank Forum: Rethinking Enlargement in times of Geopolitical Earthquakes organized by EUROPEUM Institute for European Policy in cooperation with other partners between 13th and 14th October 2022 in Prague. Invitation only for in-person participation.

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