TV Nova | Brussels will deal with the enlargement of the Union. Among the candidates are Turkey or Ukraine

The elections to the European Parliament are less than a week away, and one of the main topics that Brussels will have to deal with in the coming years is the enlargement of the European Union. A total of nine countries are waiting to join the EU, but according to experts, rapid expansion is unlikely. The President of the European Council, Charles Michel, talks about the possibility of enlargement until 2030, which requires reforms from both the candidate countries and the Union itself. Jana Juzová, researcher at EUROPEUM Institute, commented on the situation for TV Nova.

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Position | National Convention Round Table on the EU

How to improve the EU enlargement process? How to ensure that the democratising effect of the accession process is sustained beyond the eventual accession to the EU? And are EU institutional reforms a necessary condition for EU enlargement? Answers to these and other questions are offered by the EUROPEUM Institute for European Policy's contribution to the National Convention on the EU's roundtable on Balkans, Turkey or Ukraine: the future of enlargement policy in the context of institutional settings.

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e15 | Slovak government toughens up after attack on Fico. Violent acts may increase, experts warn

Democracy and the rule of law in Slovakia are in even greater danger after last week's assassination of Prime Minister Robert Fico than before. According to the local media, there are fears that government politicians, led by Fico's interim deputy Robert Kaliňák, will try to take advantage of the current situation to introduce repressive measures against the opposition and the liberal media, which could also affect local business. Project manager of EUROPEUM Institute Kristína Chlebáková comments on the situation for e15.

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ČT24 | Northern Macedonia elects new head of state

Polls opened in North Macedonia on Wednesday for the first round of the presidential elections. Seven candidates are running for the presidency in a country gripped by political tensions, disappointment with democratic reforms and aspirations to join the European Union. Jana Juzová, a senior researcher at EUROPEUM Institute, analysed the situation in an interview for ČT24.

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RTVS | The European Commission recommends initiating accession negotiations with Bosnia and Herzegovina

The President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, announced that the European Commission will recommend initiation of accession negotiations with Bosnia and Herzegovina. In recent months, reform efforts have been evident, the Bosnian government has reached agreements even with the separatist entity of Republika Srpska on key reforms. However, the conditions have not yet been fully met, and many other reforms, such as electoral system reform, are still pending. Researcher from EUROPEUM Institute, Jana Juzová, discussed it for Slovakian RTVS.

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INVITATION | EU± // How to reform EU institutions?

We are pleased to invite you to another debate in the EU± series, this time on the topic "How to reform the EU institutions?". You can watch the discussion online on our Facebook page on Monday 18 December 2023 at 18:00.

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INVITATION | Resilience of civil society and media In the Eastern Partnership: for Democracy and Inclusivness

We invite you to a debate on civil society and media resilience in the Eastern Partnership, that will take place on 15 June 2023 in Brussels. Whether you attend in person or online, you can look forward to discussions divided into two thematic panels and expert perspectives on the state of civil society in the Eastern Partnership countries of the European Union.

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Lidové noviny | How to expand the EU without major upheaval

With the opening of accession talks with Ukraine and Moldova and the granting of candidate status to Georgia, questions about the functioning of the European Union after enlargement have been raised more and more frequently recently, and it is becoming clear that the Union cannot do without significant reforms. What is the Czech Republic's position on this? Our senior researcher Jana Juzová answers this question in an article for Lidové noviny.

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Deník N | Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia to the EU?

Last week, the European Union decided to open accession talks with Ukraine and Moldova, while Georgia became a candidate for membership. The countries are embarking on a multi-year journey towards integration, on which many obstacles lie - if only because parts of them are occupied by the Russian Federation. Our senior researcher Jana Juzová commented for Deník N on what awaits these countries, and the whole of the EU-27, in connection with this decision in the coming years.

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Libération | Serbia is not making sufficient efforts as a candidate country for EU accession

Although Serbia has been a candidate country for EU accession for eleven years, its efforts are at a standstill. Our researcher Jana Juzová commented on the situation for the French media outlet Libération. In her article, the media outlet also mentioned a policy paper on which Jana Juzová collaborated with Oszkar Roginer, our project manager and researcher.

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