TA3: Summit to decide Ukraine's fate

The head of our Brussels office, Žiga Faktor, in an interview for TA3 commented on Ukraine's possible membership in the European Union and the related views of the member states. The original critics of enlargement are now beginning to show support, but status alone is no guarantee of certain membership. What is the decisive factor at the moment?

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ČT24: EU to grant candidate status to Ukraine

Jana Juzová, our senior researcher, commented for ČT24 on Ukraine's accession process to the European Union. In the interview she mentioned the impact of Ukraine's accession to the EU structures, the role of the ongoing war in the accession talks and the long-term outlook not only for Ukraine but also for other member states.

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E15: Candidate status is just a gesture. Ukraine will join the European Union decades from now

Senior Research Fellow Jana Juzová commented for E15.cz on the topic of Ukraine's EU membership. The launch of the accession process was supported by the European Commission, but also by some EU member states - for example, Germany, France, Italy and, of course, the Czech Republic.

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ČRo Plus: Ukraine's integration into the European Union and the role of the Presidency in these processes

The head of our Brussels office, Žiga Faktor, commented for ČRo Plus on the Czech Republic's position as the presiding country in Ukraine's EU accession talks. In his commentary, he mentioned what is the decisive factor for the length of the accession talks and whether it is possible to change these procedures during the state of war.

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Lidové noviny: The oil imperative - less rubles for war

Our researcher Michal Hrubý wrote an article for Lidové noviny about the impact of the sixth package of sanctions against Russia, which includes an import embargo on Russian oil. In his article, he outlined the current situation on the oil market and the position of the majority of the European Union states.

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EU MONITOR: The European Union’s Position Toward Ukraine’s EU Membership

Jakub Ferenčík wrote the EU Monitor on "The EU's stance on Ukraine's EU membership", where he discusses Ukraine's potential membership in the EU. Ferenčík also discusses the process of transitioning to EU membership and compares it to a similar process faced by some other countries, notably Serbia. In his work, the author discusses some of the factors of the transition process, from subscribing to EU values such as "human dignity, freedom and equality" to creating an area of "prosperity and neighbourhood".

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TA3: Ukraine demands guarantees, wants to be in the EU

Our Associate Research Fellow Zuzana Stuchlíková spoke in the TA3 about the possible impact of Ukraine's accession to the European Union, what are the real chances of accession and what view other member states have on it.

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EURONEWS: Ukraine is pushing for EU membership. But what are the real chances?

Our Researcher Jana Juzová commented Ukraine and its prospects for EU membership in the article for Euronews. Zelensky has in fact signed an official application for EU membership, a step that any European state can initiate on its own. Zelensky has raised the stakes and asked for a faster procedure so that his country can join the Union as soon as possible.

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Policy Paper: Czech-Russian Escalation as a Case of Deeper EU-Russia Crisis: Time for a United and Credible Action

Pavel Havlíček, an analyst at the AMO Research Centre, has written a policy paper for our Brussels office on the Czech-Russian escalation as a case of a deeper crisis between the EU and Russia. In his article, he also makes recommendations for the European Union. The text was written during a research stay in Brussels, which was facilitated by our Brussels office with the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic.

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INVITATION: Café Evropa online: Common European Defense

We would love to invite you to another debate within the Café Evropa series, called: "Common European Defense - is cooperation between the armies and the defense industry in the EU countries successful and sufficiently effective?" Although the idea of a common European army has appeared more frequently than ever in the statements of various European politicians in recent years, in reality this possibility is relatively unlikely in the foreseeable future. Is the European Union self-sufficient in terms of raw materials or supply chains? What is the attitude of the Member States of the Union to deepening defense cooperation? And where is European defense actually heading?

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