RTVS: Tense situation in France

Our senior researcher Klára Votavová described the tense situation in France, where protests over pension reform have been ongoing for several weeks.

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INVITATION | Defending our Democratic Norms: Strengthening Transatlantic Relations in Times of Conflict

We would like to invite you to the debate called "Defending our Democratic Norms: Strengthening Transatlantic Relations in Times of Conflict". The debate will take place on November 23 at the American Center at 10:00 am. The language of the debate will be English.

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CRo Plus: Mission of Reconciliation. Why are relations between France and Germany strained?

The originally scheduled regular meeting between the governments of France and Germany was eventually postponed. Could this be a signal of some major differences in relations between the countries? What are the causes of the contradictions? Are they more personal or political? What impact could it have if Paris and Berlin fail to agree on their position on China? Our senior research fellow Vít Havelka commented on the situation between the countries in the programme Odpolední Plus for Czech Radio Plus.

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ČRo: German reaction to the re-election of Emmanuel Macron - a clear pro-European signal

Our Associate Research Fellow, Tereza Novotná, was interviewed by Czech Radio about the French presidential election in which Emmanuel Macron was re-elected and France's position in the European Union.

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POLICY BRIEF: French presidency of the EU and Strategic Compass: More EU military missions to come?

Our researcher Vojtěch Freitag, in his article "French presidency of the EU and Strategic Compass: More EU military missions to come?", writes about France and its presidency of the European Union. France has put forward its vision of the next year EU agenda with a strong emphasis on EU sovereignty.

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Čro Plus: Priorities of the French Presidency and meeting with the V4

What can the upcoming French Presidency of the Council of the European Union mean for the Czech Republic, especially given that it will be immediately followed by the Czech Presidency? Can it be assumed that France and the V4 countries will converge on energy issues and move away from, for example, Germany, which is striving for nuclear-free and carbon-free energy? Does nuclear energy have the potential to become green energy for the French? How do France and the V4 countries need or not need Nord Stream 2? These and other questions were answered by analyst Kateřina Davidová on Czech Radio.

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National Convention on the EU: Programme of the Presidency Trio France - Czech Republic - Sweden

Our Institute is the expert guarantor of the National Convention on the EU on the Programme of the Presidency Trio France - Czech Republic - Sweden, which will take place on Friday 1 October online.

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ČT24: European Council – Tensions in the Eastern Mediterranean and Sanctions on Belarus

On Friday, October 2, our Žiga Faktor commented for ČT24 the latest development of the European Council. The topics were the common action against Turkey and sanctions on Belarus.

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Europeum and COVID-19

Explore our publications, events and other activities concerning the pandemic and its consequences.

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Europeum a COVID-19

Prohlédněte si naše publikace, akce a další aktivity související s koronavirovou pandemií a jejími důsledky.

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