Jaký mají média vliv na volby?

Márk Szabó ve svém blogu věnoval tomu, jaký mají média vliv na volby.

Regarding critical thinking, it is especially important when it comes to politics, as it works as a tool to review political parties or politicians. However, is there an objective way to describe politicians? Is there a correct way to evaluate them? As with it often is, people do not bother to verify or evaluate the information they get regarding many matters, and they usually do not even try to rationally assess something, as humans are more often driven by emotion, which plays into the hands of populists, for example, who use this to their advantage.

However, there is a distinction between general information and politics, as both represent different areas of information and even thinking. In a democracy, the art of compromise is integral; a diverse society needs it to maintain a semblance of coherence amidst various divergent interests. When there is a lack of compromise and consensus, democracies run the risk of political tribalization akin to what is currently seen in the US and certain European countries.

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