Korea on Point: Neither Eastern Europe nor North Korea but the Indo-Pacific is the Future: The Prospects and Challenges for EU-Korea Relations under the Yoon Ad

Tereza Novotná, an associate research fellow at our Institute, wrote an article for Korea on Time, where she argues, that from a security perspective, the EU-South Korea partnership has been marked by three key topics: the Russian war of aggression in Ukraine, North Korea, and US-China strategic competition. It would be a smart choice for Yoon’s team to continue and expand on the New Southern Policy rather than trying to come up with a new framework. In the end, it will be neither Eastern Europe nor North Korea but the Indo-Pacific which will hold the key to the future of the EU-Korea partnership.

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9DASHLINE: Health, Trade and North Korea: The EU-South Korea Summit and Future Ties

Our research fellow Tereza Novotná is the author of an article published within the 9DASHLINE platform, which deals with the topic of North and South Korea and their future relationship and ties with the EU.

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9DASHLINE: Zdraví, obchod a Severní Korea: Summit EU a Jižní Korey a budoucí vazby

Naše výzkumná spolupracovnice Tereza Novotná je autorkou článku v rámci platformy 9DASHLINE, který se týká tématiky Severní a Jižní Korey a jejich budoucího vztahu a vazeb na EU.

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