2021–2027 Horizon Europe
Publications series

A series of articles by EUROPEUM's Associate Research Fellow Katarína Svitková, focusing on “Innovative Europe” – the third dimension (or the 3rd pillar) of Horizon Europe. Horizon Europe is the EU's key funding programme for research and innovation.

About the series:

This EUROPEUM series addresses the transformative momentum of Europe which is met by the beginning of the 2021-2027 Horizon funding cycle. The latter gives Europe a unique opportunity to address the societal and environmental challenges ahead.

Current Horizon Europe not only counts with the largest structural green and digital innovation budget in its history but also provides targeted development of disadvantaged regions and declining industries. With green transformation being one of the financial megatrends, Europe is thus joining the club of its leading global stakeholders. The research and innovation budget allows EU member countries to transform their economies on a scale that individual members would hardly bring forward.

Horizon 2027 is therefore set to become a significant milestone in the European project.

This series of articles introduces some of the key components and programs of Horizon's innovation pillar. For this purpose, it discusses the trends, objectives and specific program calls, focusing predominantly on areas of private-public collaboration, capacity building and higher education.

Series articles:

EU Horizon 2021-2027 – Innovation momentum for Europe (29 April 2021)

Summarizing the objectives of Horizon 2021 - 2027, this article makes an introduction to a new EUROPEUM series focused on the “Innovation” pillar of the EU funding scheme for the following years.

Innovating through knowledge: European Institute of Innovation and Technology 2027 – and why it matters (6 May 2021)

Discussing the European Institute of Innovation and Technology, this article introduces its 2027 agenda for supporting applied research and entrepreneurship through existing and new Knowledge and Innovation Communities.

Innovating Higher Education – EIT launches a EUR 27 million call (13 May 2021)

Continuing EUROPEUM’s series, this article focuses on a currently open call on Innovation and capacity building in higher education aiming to bring together universities, NGOs and start-ups.

Innovating Culture and Creative Industries: EIT opening doors to a new consortium (20 May 2021)

Following up on the introduction of Knowledge and Innovation Communities (KIC) of EIT, this article discusses the planned new KIC focused on Cultural and Creative Sectors and Industries in Europe. 

A 10-billion deal: The European Innovation Council to finance and accelerate breakthrough technologies across Europe (27 May 2021)

In the final part of the EUROPEUM series on the Innovation pillar of Horizon Europe, our Associate Research Fellow Katarína Svitková focuses on the European Innovation Council (EIC), officially launched in March 2021.  


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