Debunking the right-wing myths about Sweden

Christian Kvorning Lassen odhaluje ve svém blogu mýty o Švédské kriminalitě, v reakci na nedávné výroky Donalda Trumpa a ve světle tvrzení některých pravicových politiků.

  • Ever since Donald Trump mentioned a non-existent incident in Sweden, alluding to the country’s alleged troubles caused by influx of Muslim migrants, Sweden has been the focus of international media attention. However, even before Trump, Sweden was often described as a symbol of the failures of immigration by the European right wing. Both within Europe and abroad, the right wing has held Sweden up as an emblem of the failures of multiculturalism, a country at the precipice of total dissolution, vindicating their own brand of nationalist populism. Now, both are empowered by a rambling President Trump, who spreads misinformation and rely on obscure ex-convicts as “national experts” in a feeble attempt to justify his antics.
  • Reality in Sweden is, however, different.

Regardless of one’s agenda, Sweden is undeniably doing well economically; it is expected to have solid financial surpluses years ahead despite massive influx of migrants and their associated integrational costs. 

Sweden, as one of the few European countries, has truly fulfilled its obligations both as an EU member state and as a beacon for human rights. It has married opportunity – replenishing its aging demography in order to sustain its welfare state and the welfare of its aging citizens – with solidarity and its aforementioned obligations.

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