EU MONITOR: European Security: Four Priorities for 2020-2024

Our research fellow Louis Cox-Brusseau published an EU Monitor, in which he focused on 4 biggest challenges for the EU in the security area.

The reality is that the Union faces enormous challenges in its immediate future, many of which are existential in nature and without clear answers. With the formation of the new Commission still mired in internal infighting that will not be fully resolved until December, it is not yet clear whether the European Union’s new leadership will provide the oversight, impetusand leadership required to steer the Union through the next half-decade and bolster its defences against future, unseen challenges. 


This paper aims to give a brief, broad-stroke overview of four of the most critical issues facing European security for the 2020-2024 period, and to highlight some additional areas that ought to be addressed by policymakers in the incoming Commission in order to build a more robust, practicable, cohesive security framework across EU member states that serves as a unifying – rather than dividing – factor in the Union’s future.

The whole paper is available in PDF and you can download it via PDF button next to this article.

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Louis Cox-Brusseau
Research Fellow (until December 2019)

Expertise: Security and defence, euroscepticism, FDIs, V4, Brexit

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