NovýČas: Orbán's victory with Fidesz: Why will he control Hungary?

Our Vladimír Bartovic commented for the Slovak journal Nový Čas on Viktor Orban's victory in the parliamentary elections and his future plans.

Our Vladimír Bartovic, for the Slovak journal Nový Čas on Viktor Orbans victory in the parliamentary elections. His following steps won him the elections:

1. Relied on anti-immigration rhetoric, on the south border he did not hesitate to build a fence against migrants

2. Massive campaign, in which he did not shy away from using misinformation.

3. Fight against an american financier George Soros

4. A multitude of media owned by oligarchs which were close to Fidesz

5. Electoral system where a party can gain the majority of parliamentary seats without gaining the majority of votes.

6. Inability of the opposition to entice the voters.

7. He convinced the countryside voters where he crushed his opposition, even though the opposition won in Budapest

The whole article is available in slovak language here.

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