Report | Monitoring of the EU's Green Policies: Perceptions and Narratives in the Czech and Slovak Information Space

The European Green Deal is the core of the current climate strategy of the European Union, which has set the goal of making Europe a carbon-neutral continent by 2050. In an effort to monitor and counter disinformation narratives about the deal, IRI's Beacon project launched an initiative called the “European Green Deal: Mapping perceptions in Central and Eastern Europe,” in which six partner organizations studied how the deal is perceived in Bulgaria, Czechia, Poland, Romania, and Slovakia. Our project manager and juniour researcher, Tatiana Mindeková, analyzed narratives spread about the Green Deal and the EU’s green policies through Czech chain emails as well as through selected mainstream media and websites known for spreading disinformation.

"While disinformation sites contained only a few examples of articles that communicated directly to readers, using exclamation marks and emotional language excessively, this type of writing was predominant in the chain emails analyzed for this study. On the other hand, articles on the sites known for spreading disinformation mostly used a more neutral tone of communication and a journalistic style of writing."

You can read the whole report by clicking on the PDF button.

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Tatiana Mindeková
Project Manager / Analyst

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